4 Different Ways To Rock A Scarf In The Colder Months

Now the cold weather is setting in, it’s definitely time to bring out the scarves. There are so many beautiful scarves available to buy nowadays, but how do you style them? We have four unique ways to rock a scarf so that it becomes a must-have accessory – while also keeping you warm!

The Toss Back

This is simple to do, but definitely gives you a little bit of elegance. Put the scarf around your neck and take one side to toss behind you. It’s simple and will look sophisticated while keeping you warm. The only thing is that it may not stay that way if it’s windy, so that’s something to bear in mind!

Loop and Tie

Make a loop by bringing one side around your neck once, then take the remaining bits of the scarf hanging down to tie in a knot. This works really well if you have a long one and don’t want all of the loose bits flapping around in the wind. It also provides extra warmth as you’ll have double layers against your neck.

The Braid

Fold your scarf in half before placing it around your neck. Now, take the loose ends and pull them through the loop in the middle of the material. Now, twist the loop and pull the ends through once again. Keep going until you run out of scarf! This is a gorgeous look, but does work best with a thinner material. Make sure not to loop the scarf too tight, also.

The Cowl

First, put the scarf around your neck so that one end is a lot shorter than the other. Wrap the longer end around your neck once or twice, depending on its length. Now, tuck in the loose ends and you’ve got yourself a stylish cowl.

How will you rock your scarves this winter?