It Is Time To Put The Hate Aside And Get Yourself A Belt Bag

Just when you may have thought the belt bag was not something you needed in your life, it may be time to think again. In fact, the sell out fashion item is proving it is a must-have for all fashionistas. Cuyana, the SanFrancisco-based label recently released their Mini Circle Belt Bag, and it sold out within three hours. What’s more? It sold out twice in one month and has a waitlist of over 1,300 customers.


You know what they say, you only realize how much you want something when it’s gone. That seems to be the exact case for the belt bag which, along its time, has had many haters. Now it looks as though it is nothing but love for the fashionable, yet also a very convenient, staple. Cuyana will, therefore, be restocking the Mini Circle Belt Bag for the third time in June, and no doubt, it will be yet another knockout for the label.


Based on Cuyana’s sales, the blush color was a more popular choice having sold out in just one day, with the black option selling out in two. Meanwhile, these are not the only options available in the street stores, and there can be a belt bag found to match every outfit in your wardrobe. Especially during festival season, the fashion item can be worn around your waist or over your shoulders. This emphasizes how useful the belt bag actually is since it allows you to be out and about without the worry of your possessions.


So, next time someone tells you to not think about buying a belt bag, you can tell them to think again; even the top supermodels are totally on board. That is why it is time to get your hands on your very own before everyone gets the memo and they sell out everywhere!