Candy-Colored Beads Are the Coolest Accessory Trend of 2020

This year, we’ve seen accessory trends come and go – and while some of them just haven’t seemed to stick, there are others that have just got bigger and better as the months have gone by. This has certainly been the case for the ‘90s-inspired candy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, and more. Celebs across the world have been adorning themselves with these brightly-colored beads, and it’s fair to say that we’re totally here for it.

Candy-Colored Beads Are the Coolest Accessory Trend of 2020

Big, Bold, and Bright

Reminiscent of the jewelry you used to make with your DIY bead kits when you were a child, this candy-colored bead trend is all about being big, bold, and bright. We’re talking hot and bubblegum pink, sunshine yellow, grassy greens, sky blues, and so much more. In fact, the aim of the game is to wear jewelry that looks more like a piece of candy than something you would wear.

All About The Shapes

Of course, it’s not all about the color of these beads. The shapes also matter. Celebs and models have been showcasing their candy-colored beaded jewelry in all shapes and sizes, and British singer Dua Lipa seems to have a soft spot for heart-shaped beads, beads in the shape of flowers, and even those that look like bumblebees. This is the chance to really showcase your creativity and embrace those small details.

Candy-Colored Beads Are the Coolest Accessory Trend of 2020

Charming Things Up

While it’s super easy to wear this candy-colored jewelry, what about adding these beads to your clothes like the ultimate charm bracelets? More and more style icons are embellishing their swimwear with these beads, they’re wearing sunglasses chains that are laden with bright charms, and they are even adding these details to their shoes. The opportunities are endless where these beads are concerned.

If you’re looking to up your jewelry game, then you just have to embrace this new candy-colored beads trend. You know you want to.