Compression Socks That Heal Swollen, Aching Feet & Varicose Veins

Expressing a person’s style and personality through their socks has long been fashionable and a great creative outlet. Socks can be literally anything: warm and soft, long and elegant, with fluff, without fluff, with lamas, without lamas – you name it, and someone is already selling it in the form of socks.

And then there are… compression socks. Their goal is purely functional and a must-wear for people with swollen, aching feet.

Acute Pain in foot Sole
Compression Socks That Heal Swollen, Aching Feet & Varicose Veins

Why Should You Wear Compression Socks

That is a valid question. Wearing this type of specialized socks keeps your veins healthy as they increase the blood flow to the heart. They also reduce swelling and minimize cramps. No matter if your job requires you to stand on your feet for long periods or you’re recovering from a torn ligament, compression socks are the solution.

Socks that reduce swelling and minimize cramps.
Compression Socks That Heal Swollen, Aching Feet & Varicose Veins

What to Look for When Buying Compression Socks

Finding the perfect pair for your particular need can be quite a hassle. Some pairs will wear out and reduce their compression as soon as you wash them, amounting to not much more than a total waste of money. Others can be too tight, especially if your calves are wider. So, the most important tip when choosing compression socks is to check with your doctor for a recommendation. They will know best what kind you need, how compressed, and of what length.

Some types you can choose include:

Compression Socks Types
Compression Socks That Heal Swollen, Aching Feet & Varicose Veins
  • Performance run socks: they are perfect for those who need to ease cramps, alleviate varicose veins, and treat shin splints.
  • Compression trouser socks: if your outfits require you to be a little fancier, there is a nylon version you can easily find.
  • Cable-knit socks: perfect for the colder months, these will keep your toes warm and legs well compressed.

Keep those feet happy and healthy with the right compression socks!

You’ll Totally Dig These 70s Trends That Are Making A Serious Comeback

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There are so many jeans in this world, and they all have their moment to shine. Right now, bell-bottoms are shining bright like a diamond. Designers are embracing the flared leg, and it seems as though you can’t really go too big with this style. Team your bell-bottoms with a tailored blazer and your favorite high heels, and you’ve got an awesome outfit on your hands.


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Back in the day, your parents probably loved to wear their overalls. After all, they were comfy and super stylish during the 1970s – and they have now come back with a bang. Whether you want to try some denim overalls or would rather a patterned pair, there’s no doubt about the fact that overalls are one of the 70s trends we can really get behind.

The 1970s saw some incredible fashion trends rear their head, and while they waved goodbye to their fans a few years later, they have now come back to greet the 2020 fashionistas again.