Dua Lipa Spotted at the Airport Holding a Birkin Bag With a DIY Twist

Twitter // @21metgala

It is a well-known fact that celebrities often do not live in the same world as us mere mortals. Their chic airport looks are evidence of this. From Irina Shayk’s timeless elegance to Gigi Hadid’s pops of colors, every outfit is well thought out, immaculate, and overall a delight to behold. Take Dua Lipa, for instance, recently seen at JFK in New York, sporting a standout ensemble comprised of a sleek khaki trench coat, a matching scarf, and a New York Yankees cap. But what’s got everyone talking is her carry-on bag choice.

The Birkin in the Sky

Going beyond the typical utilitarian backpack or duffle, Dua Lipa’s travel bag choice is nothing short of a fashion statement. She opted for the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, a covetable style with a price range spanning from $10,000 to $40,000.

Twitter // @21metgala

What makes her Birkin even more unique is the personal touch she added of various keychains, showcasing her distinct style. Talk about a high-fashion moment, quite literally taking luxury to new heights up in the air. This DIY approach to luxury travel accessories is not entirely new in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway is another notable star who appreciates the charm of a decorated Birkin.

The Birkin for the Stars

Birkins have become an iconic status symbol in the fashion world, favored by many A-listers. Despite their luxurious reputation, the bags are designed to be lived in. Jane Birkin herself famously used hers till it was quite worn.

So, it’s not surprising that Lipa opts for a Birkin as her carry-on, as it’s a bag that can handle a water bottle, snacks, chargers, and all the essentials. It’s both practical and elegant, which is a win-win for travel. While saving up for a Birkin might be a lofty goal, perhaps a more attainable one is at least saving up for a first-class seat.