The Fluffy Bucket Hat: Why Everyone Should Get One ASAP

model Bella Hadid wearing a fluffy bucket hat

Let’s face it, berets are bland, beanies are overrated (and overused), and it’s time to bring something fresh to your wardrobe this winter season. And the answer is an accessory you’ve seen a lot lately worn by the likes of Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Kendall Jenner. Yes, it’s the fluffy bucket hat — a warm hug for your head and a super chic addition to your outfits.

The Fluffy Bucket Hat: Where Fashion Meets Comfort

People often blame high fashion for being all about looks and never about functionality. Well, with fluffy bucket hats, that’s definitely not the case. They will keep you warm while complementing and completing your outfits. Being such a versatile accessory, they come in a variety of patterns and styles that can fit virtually any taste and preference.

woman wearing a white fluffy bucket hat

Just last November, the demand for fluffy bucket hats increased by 25%, according to fashion platform Lyst. This is probably due to the fact that more and more celebrities are seen sporting these hats in public. In fact, when Kendall Jenner was spotted in an ASOS Design faux fur bucket hat late last year, the brand’s sales nearly doubled!

Celebrities Are Making It a Trend

Rihanna wearing an acid green fluffy bucket hat by Emma Brewin If there’s one thing we can’t deny, it’s that celebrities are often the ones who decide what becomes a trend and what sinks in obscurity. In the case of the fluffy bucket hat, they’ve definitely made it a thing. From Rihanna debuting an acid green Emma Brewin hat in 2020 to Bella Hadid sporting a now out-of-stock design on the streets of New York, one thing’s certain: fluffy bucket hats are hot this season.

Fashion designers and sellers are saying that the fluffy bucket hat has evolved from a trend to a signature hat shape. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yours asap!

Pros Reveal the Top Beauty Secrets of Your Favorite Stars

Celebrity makeup and hair pros know a lot of things that we barely know about creating gorgeous looks. Instead, we are stumped about what look we should try every time we have somewhere to be – whether it is a casual or formal event. But now we have some beauty secrets to spill from the very pros. Read on and find out how the celebrities did it.

The Fake-Flirty Bob

Marcus Francis, the popular celeb hairstylist, says that the faux bob that Kerry Washington is rather easy to create. Would you believe it? Well here are your directions, you can decide then. First you prep the hair by spritzing it with thickening spray (Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray). Then blow-dry it and use your own hands to gather strands of hair together. Follow this by pulling your hair in a ponytail and keep it low. After you secure it with a band, do not pull at its tail. Once you have made a loop, pin it to the nape of your neck, and you are done! You can have gorgeous hair just like this lovely lady here. Next time you are getting out for brunch with the girls you know exactly what look to go for.

A Chignon

Freida Pinto opted to go for the ’30s beauty look and how gorgeous she looked. She even had her hair parted aside. This was created by the famous hairstylist – Stéphane Lancien. Wondering how she did it, here go the instructions. The celebrated hairstylist used a curling iron. She curled a few tiny sections of her hair on each side. There are no exact measurements so trust your instinct. Post this, brush your hair a little to soften your curls. After that, gather your hair into a low ponytail and make sure that it is off-center. Wrap this ponytail around the base a few times and make a bun. So that the hair does not fall out, secure it with a few hairpins. So, next time you are throwing a retro-themed party then you know which look to go for.

Bright Bright Lips

Lauren Andersen, a celebrity makeup artist applied Dior lipstick for Emmy Rossum in the Rose Harpers shade. And we can all agree how stunning her looks were on the red carpet. Of course, she is also a very beautiful woman. However, Andersen applied it with a brush so that it was precise. Post this, on the middle of her lips she made a dot with a brighter pink. This changed everything. Didn’t it?