Hello Kitty Is About To Make Your Makeup Bag A Whole Lot Cuter

Since Yuko Shimizu’s creation of Hello Kitty in 1974, the Japanese pink and white cartoon has become a worldwide phenomenon. The adorable cat has made her way onto everything you can imagine, from coin purses to mobile phone covers, handbags to even the theme of the new bullet train in Japan. There is no missing Hello Kitty, and now a new makeup brand is allowing you to add her to your makeup bag.


That’s right Hello Kitty fans, the new silicone beauty applicator brand MakeupDrop has collaborated with the Japanese company who created Hello Kitty, Sanrio, to bring your favorite cartoon to your makeup collection. In fact, your beauty routine is about to get a whole lot cuter with the new silicone purchase, and we’re here to tell you all about it.


The MakeupDrop x Hello Kitty Silicone Beauty Applicator has just come on the market for $20 and is the perfect makeup tool featuring the adorable character. The tear-shaped tool can be used to apply liquid makeup to your face for users of foundation, but it also has another great use.

In fact, if you put the applicator in the freezer, the silicone material allows the applicator to be the perfect tool to place under your eye area for the times you need to depuff.


Just like most makeup tools, you can wash the silicone blender by using soap. However, while the tool can be cleaned and is, of course, reusable over time, nothing lasts forever, not even the Hello Kitty Silicone Beauty Applicator.

While this is unfortunate, it means we’ve just got to act fast. With this collaboration of MakeupDrop with Hello Kitty being around for only a limited time only, it is time to fill up your baskets before it’s too late, and you live to regret this forever more!