5 Jewelry Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Fashion keeps evolving; every year there are new trends, but certain pieces are classics. Be it classic blue jeans, basic t-shirts, casual jackets, or one’s go-to sneakers. Similarly, it is essential to have classic and elegant pieces in one’s jewelry collection that will go perfectly well with one’s casual looks as well as party-wear outfits. Stud earrings, hoops, and chains are some of the timeless items that are must-haves.

Colorful Stones

It is very important to have some colorful stones in your collection that would just add a pop of color to your outfits, like sapphire’s deep blue hue or the garnet’s deep red hue. The simplest way to give your all-neutral outfit some dimension or highlight the green specks in your eyes is with a colored stone accent.

Stud Earrings

One of the basic, and important, jewelry items is a pair of stud earrings. It is most probably one of the pieces that anyone invests in when they start wearing jewelry. After all, this timeless beauty can bring life to one’s outfit in no time. They add a simple shine that may be worn on any occasion, including the gym and the pool.


For those who are not too big on wearing jewelry, there is an accessory that can help you complete your outfit: watches. You can start your collection of this elegant yet stunning accessory by owning some steel watches. For beginners, they can be a great purchase and will not cost much to their bank account, before they move on to luxurious watches.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earring, without a doubt, has been every woman’s favorite piece of jewelry at some point in their life. The size of the hoops decides which look they will go well with. The small, plain ones would be a perfect match for your casual looks, while the simple gold or diamond-studded ones can be your go-to choice for date nights and brunches. These stunning earrings are what one needs to make a statement without being over the top.