Are Oversized Bags a Trend or Just One Big Meme?

We live in a world where memes reign supreme, but sometimes this can leave us wondering where the line between meme and reality meets. This is even more confusing when you add fashion into the mix, as we all know that designers often go above and beyond the realm of normalcy to bring something exciting into the fashion world. Because of this, nobody quite knows whether the giant, oversized bags we’re seeing on Instagram are a trend or just one big meme. Well, we’ve now got the answer.

Are Oversized Bags a Trend or Just One Big Meme?

An Instagram Sensation

If you’re familiar with Simon Porte Jacquemus, you’ll know that this French designer is not only a fashion icon thanks to his incredible designs, but he’s also a social media superstar. The Jacquemas Instagram page is often used to showcase hilarious memes, photoshopped images, and fun pictures that break up the product promotion. It’s through this Instagram feed that we were introduced to the oversized bag meme.

The Wicker Bag

In fact, they first brought this meme to life when they posted a picture of a giant Le Grand Panier Soleil wicker bag on a model – one of their most popular designs. While some wondered if this amazingly large bag had actually been created, people soon discovered that this was the work of Virginia Rolle, an Italian graphic designer.

Are Oversized Bags a Trend or Just One Big Meme?

More Relaxed, Less Snobbish

To begin with, Rolle saw a picture of an oversized bag online and assumed herself that it had been digitally enhanced to be bigger – but it really had been created that way. She wondered how other iconic bags would look if they were made into larger-than-life versions of themselves, which is why she began to play with the likes of Jacquemus’ bag. Since then, she has used her skills to make fashion “more relaxed and less snobbish.”

Are Oversized Bags a Trend or Just One Big Meme?

In short, this oversized bags trend is both a meme and real life – and that’s why we love it.

Get Rid of These Three Types of Shoes Before Spring 2021

piles of spring shoes

Although it may seem like winter is never going to end, spring is on its way to brighten our moods and outfits. In prepping your closet for the longer days of sun and bird songs, it’s time to freshen up your shoe collection.

Spring Is Time for a Change

As we ditch a layer of clothing come springtime, celebrity stylist Andrew Gelwicks suggests we do the same with certain types of shoes. Some trends have been overused, he says, and it’s time to look ahead instead of in the past. If you want to rock the spring 2021 look, here’s what you need to change in your shoe closet, according to Andrew.

1. Ditch Sock Boots & Wear Tall Skinny Heel Boots Instead

Sock boots Instead of wearing sock boots which have long gone out of fashion, Andrew offers a much sexier and chicer alternative: leather or suede boots with a tall, skinny heel. They are much easier to pair with different clothing styles, from extravagant to strictly elegant. The best part? You can wear them virtually any season, not just in spring.

2. Replace “Dad” Sneakers With Chic Loafers

"Dad" sneakers Gelwicks’ advice is to say goodbye to the massively chunky sneakers, better known as “dad” sneakers, in your everyday style, and replace them with chic loafers. Whether you’re looking for more casual flats or something with an edge, loafers offer both options. They are sleek, classic, and extremely comfortable. You can easily pair them with your favorite spring dress or denim-on-denim outfit.

3. Stop Wearing Socks Underneath Heels & Give Ankle Bracelets a Chance

girl wearing socks inside spring heels Instead of going with the old socks-in-shoes trend, Andrew recommends playing around with jewelry-like ankle bracelets, toe rings, and other similar accessories. From chain link designs to rocks and extra shine, that’s definitely a better way to welcome this spring. Pair your anklet with loafers, sneakers, stilettos, and virtually any shoe!