Rihanna Is Officially Making Couture Newsboy Caps Stylish Again

Shutterstock // Tinseltown

Remember when newsboy caps were a thing? Well, apparently, Rihanna is determined to bring them back! The singer attended Dior’s spring-summer 2024 haute couture runway show – sitting in the front row, of course – wearing a unique hat that we’ll probably be seeing all over Instagram tomorrow.

The Outfit

Rihanna sported a calf-length pencil skirt with a matching belted puffy wrap coat as a top. The singer accessorized with leather opera gloves, pointy white ankle-strap toe-pumps, a diamond pendant, diamond earrings, and two anklets. Of course, if you’re attending a Dior show, you need to wear a Dior piece. Rihanna obliged with a quilted Lady Dior bag. And, of course, she wore the soon-to-be-iconic cap. The floppy black hat is newsboy meets baseball meets haute couture.

Rihanna’s Style

This is far from the first time Rihanna has worn something that looks incredible on her, but most people wouldn’t be able to pull it off. If you ask us, it’s the singer’s confidence in her own fashion choices that makes all her looks work so well. Rihanna has described her style saying, “For me there aren’t many boundaries with fashion, really. I want to do everything and in the most extreme way possible, but [my style evolution] started with me knowing myself and knowing what I want.”

Shutterstock // Kathy Hutchins

Mission accomplished!