Up Close & Personal With The Senreve Crossbody Bag

One issue that many people have with designer bags is that they just simply aren’t practical. Clunky, heavy, and stiff, some bags exude a formality that makes them uncomfortable to use in everyday life. For today’s woman on the go, who doesn’t have time to go home and change her work bag for an evening bag, transitional pieces that can be worn in the office and out at an event afterward are totally crucial.

The Senreve bag dominates in this category. Its top compartment has an ingenious feature – it can be popped off and made into an instant night bag to be worn as a leather pouch around the wrist! Talk about two birds with one stone.

All women hate how things can get lost inside a bag. Nobody likes to be elbow deep in the abyss, fishing around in a seemingly bottomless handbag for chewing gum or a rubber band like some sort of deranged Mary Poppins.

However, Senreve has an amazing three compartments in the interior of the bag, allowing you to organize easily and quickly. Because of the bag’s light interior color, it’s easy to see inside exactly what you’re looking for and makes spotting small items a breeze.

Finally, the Senreve Crossbody Bag itself is light enough that it doesn’t add additional stress to your day, unlike another heavy luxury bag that might be more trouble than it’s worth – not that we’re pointing fingers at any brands in particular.

The bag weighs in at a feather-like 1.4 lbs, and its dimensions are 10.25 inches wide and 8.5 inches high. This bag is the perfect size – big enough to cram your important items and day to day stuff inside, but small enough to not be a nuisance and keep you feeling unburdened and free. Cheers to the Senreve!