Stressing Out and Going Crazy Over Acne Only Makes It Worse

Being stuck indoors can be stressful, and what’s even worse is it can also end up taking a toll on your skin. Dealing with acne is something that most people go through at some age. With the world seeming like it is on fire, our future and our lives feeling like they’re unstable, and our stress levels being elevated to the max, a few breakouts are bound to happen.

Girl with acne Acne Can Be Out of Your Control

According to dermatologists, when people freak out, it can spike their stress-related hormones, which will send the oil glands into overdrive. This is what leads to skin inflammation, pimples, extra oiliness, dryness, and even skin rashes. This is why after a breakup, a sleepless night, or even a world crisis, can make your skin go from looking flawless to pissed off.

An interesting way to deal with pimple panic is to do nothing at all. Simple, right? This means no fighting your skin, aimlessly changing your skincare routine, or obsessing over your breakouts. Acne is something that is, in most cases, out of your control.

Help Your Skin

Of course, there are things you can do to help your acne. Things like re-evaluating your diet, skincare routine, habits, talking with a dermatologist, and more. Aside from this, there is something you can do every day, no matter where you are. That is to accept your skin and forget about trying to control your hormones because you most likely won’t be able to.Woman in mirror looking at her skin

Doing a few workouts and staying active can reduce your acne-stimulating cortisol levels. While sweets and chocolate are comfort foods, keep in mind that vegetables and fruits exist and that the sugar in sweets and dairy can trigger the acne-causing hormones.

You can also do nothing and come to realize that the acne will eventually go away.