Style Your Outfits With These Gorgeous Belts

No matter what dress you choose to wear, accessorizing it can take your fashion game to the next level. Statement earrings, perfect footwear, hairpieces, belts, and so much more can turn your simple maxi dress into a party outfit. Belts are available in the market today in many different designs, add-ons, shapes, and materials, so you can own one for every outfit and hit the fashion game hard! Add these little pieces of accessories and try out these ravishing pairings!

Straight Jeans and Leather Belt

Nothing but a simple leather belt can add life to your everyday crop top and jeans. Whenever the belt loops are visible, make sure you don’t leave them unattended. This can make your look seem incomplete. Instead, get yourself a basic black leather belt and put that on. These belts go perfectly with straight jeans. Put on a crop top, a pair of straight jeans, add that belt, and you can finish up the look with a long coat if needed. This belt will also support the jeans, and you won’t have to pay a visit to the tailor.

Oversized Coats and Skinny Belts

Oversized coats are so much in fashion these days. People are slaying with them at meetings, dates, get-togethers, and other places. These coats themselves are statement pieces but giving it a touch of a skinny belt can just add what it needs for you to be ready to rock the world. Get a solid-color baggy coat with a neckline that you feel comfortable in, and put on the belt around your waist over it.

Ankle-Cut Jeans and Chain Belts

Don’t believe us? Well, then try it yourself. Cropped jeans go so well with beaded belts. This may sound too much to you, but what’s the harm in experimenting a bit? A classic elegant chain belt with a few strings tied to your waist will look dazzling when you pair it up with cropped jeans and a t-shirt or top of your choice. You can also add matching studs to give your outfit the finishing touches.

Long Coats and Designer Belts

Many designers and celebrities love outerwear, including coats, shrugs, and jackets. They usually experiment and create a new magazine cover look with the pairing of the right accessories. Most of the coats come with a belt made with the same fabric. But, what really makes your winter look stand out is adding a designer belt supporting your coat. This will not only provide shape to your outfit but will also break the monotony of your overall look.