5 Trends to Know Before Buying New Sunglasses

5 Trends to Know Before Buying New Sunglasses

New Year’s is the ideal occasion to renew your wardrobe, and it doesn’t have to mean completely reinventing yourself. At times, simply having a new pair of sunglasses is all that is necessary to give your style new energy. The trendy world of eyewear is ever-changing, but there are classic designs that are eternally fashionable. If you’re getting ready for summer or require shades all year round, here are five sunglasses trends that you should be aware of prior to shopping for your next pair.

Y2K Rectangle

Making a style statement in 2023 is the Y2K rectangle shape. Distinguished by its acute angles and resolute lines, this rectangular design is a style mainstay in sunglass fashion.

Y2K Rectangle

Alexandra Kerr, Sunglass Hut’s Category Management Director, points out that this frame shape pairs up nicely with round faces, forging a striking contrast. If you want to remain on-trend while making a great impression, the Y2K rectangle is an excellent choice. Celebrities like Bella Hadid can’t seem to get enough of these trending sunnies!

’90s Ovals

The ’90s style oval-shaped sunglasses trend has reappeared in 2023, making them a must-have fashion item once again.

If you’re used to larger frames, then these glasses may seem unfamiliar, but Hamish Tame advises slightly sliding them down your nose to take advantage of their multi-faceted, flattering look that suits all face shapes.

Classic Cat Eye

For a timeless and sophisticated style, consider the classic cat eye. Sharp and elegant, cat-eye frames like the Velodrome silhouette are a chic addition to your wardrobe.

They are particularly suitable for those with rounder face shapes. Hamish Tame recommends this style if you want a sophisticated and timeless appearance, just like the previous styles.

The Sporty Wrap Around

For a more sport-inspired appearance, opt for a wraparound sunglass design. According to Hamish Tame, sunnies such as the Dotcom silhouette are particularly well-suited to athletes.

The Sporty Wrap-Around

However, they can also be seen on celebrities like Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. Ideal for those with oval facial features, this eyewear provides a strong and energetic aesthetic.