How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Halo Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Halo Engagement Ring

The halo wedding ring style has shown up on the fingers of a variety of famous figures, from Millie Bobby Brown and Cardi B to the renowned Princess of Wales. While each of their rings puts a special spin on this traditional design, they are all halo rings, which are rings with a striking center rock bordered by smaller-sized gems. If you love this design but aren’t sure what combination of large stone and band to go for, we’ve got some tips for you!

Contoured Versus Notched Wedding Bands

If you’re looking for a single circle for your ring, there are two main options: a contoured wedding band or a notched wedding band. Contoured wedding bands aren’t perfectly round, but rather have an area with a subtle curve, making them perfect for adding on the halo.

Notched wedding bands, on the other hand, have a sharp V-shape, which also provides a perfect place for the halo and will sit tight against it.

Jacket Wedding Bands

If you’re looking for an extra dose of glam, then a jacket wedding band is the way to go. In the same way that a jacket hugs your body to keep you warm, a jacket wedding band has two connected rings that cradle the engagement ring, forming a single piece of jewelry made from three bands.

This dynamic style allows the halo ring to be surrounded by additional jewels, amplifying the beauty of the engagement ring and really going for a wow factor.

Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Band

There are two big factors that are really important in finding the perfect wedding band for a halo engagement ring. First and foremost is the scale. The wedding band should enhance the engagement ring without overshadowing its brilliance. Striking the right balance ensures a harmonious and visually appealing combination.

Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Band

Secondly, consider going for the contemporary trend of mixing metals and colors. Whether combining yellow gold with silver-toned metals or introducing colored stones, it’s about personal expression and creating a chic, modern aesthetic that fits your personality.

Dua Lipa Dons the Coolest Patched Bomber Jacket

Dua Lipa is not only a singing star who fills our eardrums with rhythmic tunes, but also an eternal style muse who has been blessing our Instagram feeds with impeccable fashion inspirations. The “Love Again” singer has once again posted a series of pictures in super-stylish apparel, which is also super easy to recreate!

The Adventure

The pop star posted the photo series detailing her current adventures in Seattle where she is performing the penultimate show of the U.S. leg of her tour. It seems that Dua Lipa has been exploring Emerald City, checking out everything from local restaurants to the famed Chewing Gum Wall.

The Style

In her posts, Dua Lipa is pictured chilling in front of the candy-coated building, sporting a Jean-Paul Gautier lace-up sweater in black, which was paired with sold-out The Attico black denim pants. The sweater was previously worn by diva Rihanna in February this year. While these two pieces are no doubt great, the star of the show was her uber-cool leather jacket.

The Jacket

The brown leather bomber donned by Dua Lipa is one of the coolest and cutest pieces we’ve ever seen! The super chic and incredibly unique jacket is adorned with quirky and fun flight-themed patches and is from the London brand Palace Skateboards. Her stylist Lorenzo Posocco picked this jacket for its practical style of the Sherpa neck collar that can be buttoned up when needed.

The Complete Look

The chart-topping singer completed her already amazing look with Chopova Lowena brass pendant earrings and Tom Ford pilot sunglasses. The commitment to the aviation theme is indeed worth applauding! Also, it’s important to know that with a little bit of DIY sewing and ironing skills, you can easily recreate the chic look of Dua Lipa for a lot less with your own bomber and easily-available cutesy patches.