Gabrielle Union Just Gave the Infamous Peplum Top the Baggy Pants Treatment

Gabrielle Union Just Gave the Infamous Peplum Top the Baggy Pants Treatment

Fashion styles always make a comeback sooner or later, and Y2K fashion trends are no exception. Even though many have tried hard to resist, 2000s fads like baggy jeans and chunky sneakers are once again going strong. The latest clothing to crawl out of its grave is the infamous peplum top. But this time, it has come with a twist, and Gabrielle Union is proof of that!

The Outfit in Question

The 50-year-old actress sported this fashion relic, but it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before. Gabrielle Union teamed up with designer Schiaparelli and gave the forgotten peplum top a much-needed makeover. The olive green peplum top was given a Bridgerton treatment and was jazzed up with some corsetry magic, complete with some detailing on the bustier.

The Outfit in Question

Union paired the top with matching baggy pants, another popular 2000s fashion trend. The actress completed her look with slicked-back hair, a chunky gold necklace and shoes, and a contrasting blue bag. All in all, Union’s presence at the LA event was a study in fashion!

Reviving Trends

From JLo to Anne Hathaway, nobody is safe from the back-from-the-grave trends. Thanks to TikTok, skinny jeans have been out since 2021, and it’s the era of baggy pants that were so popular in the early years.

Wide-leg pants are going strong, and so are the many other trends that have found their way back to the present. So if you’re set on resisting the return of peplum tops, think again! These fashion trends are back, and it looks like they’ll be staying for a while.

The Brand New YZY 3022 Sunglasses Are a Massive Hit

Everyone in the industry is going crazy over the new pair of sunglasses designed by Ye. From ex-wife Kim Kardashian to beautiful daughter Chicago West, from rappers to designers, everyone is head over heels and slaying in this gorgeous creation of Yeezy.

The Grand Hit

You must have seen the YZY glasses on the internet as they have been a big hit since their launch. In fact, Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her Instagram account with her daughter in these futuristic sunglasses. This accessory is a combined result of the works of Ye and Demna, the mononymous designer of Balenciaga. The duo worked together for the first season of Yeezy and the rapper expressed his happiness in being able to work with Demna again. The glasses are made in a way that anyone carrying them looks like they have time traveled from 3022.

The Photoshoot in London

The “Stronger” singer told the press that the idea behind the photoshoot of this beauty was of Nick Knight, Ye’s new collaborator. Together they decided to present model Candice Swanepoel, unclothed with a bald head, wearing only the YZY silver shades attached with a cord on her back. The shoot took place in London. Ye also added that they didn’t actually bald Candice Swanepoel. In fact, the head was Knight’s which was photoshopped later during the edits.

Ye and Knight

Ye and Knight have a long history. They have worked together quite a few times actually. Their major projects were the short film Jesus is King, 24 (a music video), and yes, the official website of YZY SPLY. Knight told the press that he loves the way Ye operates. He makes sure that he knows exactly what he wants and works to see it in front of his eyes. Ye had wished to work with the Swanepoel for 12 years when he met her at a party and he finally made it happen.

Ye’s Vision

People know Ye as a futuristic designer. However, when the media started calling the glasses by the same name, Ye had his own doubts. As he stated to the press that calling anything futuristic takes out the accountability from it, as no one knows what the future might be. He continued that some things are way ahead of time than others. He said and we quote, “I’ll put it like this, it’s going to rhyme, it’s going to be poetry: Since we’ve been defined as futurists, we will define what the future is.”