Recently Married Jennifer Lopez Affleck Is Back to Work in a Wowza Suit

Jennifer Lopez is back to business after her two honeymoons with her husband, Ben Affleck. This is the first time the singer, dancer, and actress has been spotted after her heavily documented honeymoons and wedding. Lopez has never shied away from the media, and this time was no different, except it was for work reasons.

The Look

The JLo beauty founder was seen wearing a three-piece white suit from the luxurious brand Fendi on her day out. She donned this look for her appearance on The Today Show, where she spoke about Raising Latina Voices. However, since it is Jennifer Lopez, no outfit is simple. The vest in this one was a single piece that covered only her front. It was wrapped around her shoulders and was narrow at the end, around her waist. She paired this outfit with earrings from Tiffany, a classic makeup look with mauve lips and smokey eyes that enhanced her eyes more. For footwear, she went for white satin platform heels, and to complete her look, she chose a white leather bag from Charles Keith. Her twisted high bun complimented her look perfectly.

JLo’s Views

At an event to mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, Jennifer Lopez spoke to Morgan Radford from NBC News about her culture and her appearance. She proudly called herself a Latina woman and embraced how she looked. Talking about her experience when she had just entered Hollywood, she stated she felt different as there were not many Latina women who were part of this world, but that didn’t stop her from being successful. Jennifer Lopez has always embraced her roots and is a great inspiration for others. The fact that she is a Puerto Rican from the Bronx is a source of pride for the singer. She gave a message to her fans that there is no shame in being unique or different.