Julia Roberts Makes Heads Turn With Her New Hair Style

Julia Roberts’ New Look

Julia Roberts has recently been in the headlines as she shared her new look over the Internet. The perfect-looking bangs left all her fans awestruck. But what inspired this bold change? According to Roberts’ stylist, the decision to add bangs to her signature long locks was entirely spontaneous. The stylist revealed everything from the products used to the techniques applied to achieve this look. Let’s find out:

Products That Made the Look Fantastic

Products That Made the Look Fantastic

Serge Normant, celebrity hairstylist and longtime friend of the Hollywood icon, revealed that the idea of Roberts getting bangs was not at all planned. In order to make sure that the reveal brings out excitement, Normant used some professional products, or as he likes to call them “hero products.” To create the actress’s voluminous, textured, and tousled look, the stylist used the Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray, sculpting her strands carefully. To add a layer of shine and dimension to her locks while also controlling frizz and protecting her hair, he relied on the Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray.

Tips to Achieve the Stunning Look

In addition to all the products, Normant also shared a few of his secret tips that can help anyone achieve these stylish bangs. The first tip that he mentions was to cut the exact amount of hair that you think is right for you. Once that is done, for styling, he recommends people use the right brush. To know the right brush, you must know the amount of bend you want to have and finish the look by blowing the bangs down and swiping the hair left to right. With these techniques, the stylist was able to achieve the desired hairstyle, leaving the actress looking stunning and confident. It’s clear that this stylist has a great eye for detail and knows just how to bring out the best in his clients.