The Best Celebrity Costumes of 2022 for Halloween

The ]Best Celebrity Costumes of 2022 for Halloween

Celebs love Halloween, and they aren’t afraid to show off as they go all out with their costumes. While some opt for the glitz and glam, some like to goof it up and keep it cozy! Here are some of the best costumes that celebrities have donned this year to celebrate Halloween!

Kylie Jenner

We all know that Kris Jenner’s brood loves Halloween, and their costumes speak for it. One of Kylie Jenner’s costumes this year was a black skin-tight full-length dress, with sheer black gloves and a silver necklace. To complete her look, she painted her body green. We have to say Kylie looked like a beautiful witch.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

The ]Best Celebrity Costumes of 2022 for Halloween

The duo was recently seen dressed up as a prince and princess for their granddaughter’s fourth birthday. Goldie Hawn wore a light blue gown with a sweetheart neckline, and Kurt Russell wore a royal blue button-up shirt and pants. They paired their outfits with silver and golden crowns. Completing this picture of the royal family was their granddaughter in a blue gown and beautiful tiara. The duo definitely won some hearts and the grandparents of the year award.

Megan Thee Stallion

Known for her bold choices, Megan kicked-started her Halloween season by posting a picture of herself in a pink satin dress and matching nails. She topped her outfit with a carved pumpkin head. We have to say, she definitely set the mood for the spooky season.

Jennifer Garner

As a part of the Halloween celebration, Jennifer Garner, was wearing a burgundy frock, which she paired with a matching color bow around her neck and hair. She even dressed her dog in a spooky ghost outfit. The make-up complemented the look perfectly. She herself shared the video with a caption wishing everyone a Happy Halloween on her Instagram.