The Story Behind Beyoncé’s Three Looks for Her Performance in Dubai

Not long ago, Beyoncé held her first concert in four years at Palm Jumeirah, at an invite-only affair. The night was filled with famous celebrities grooving to Beyoncé songs. Supermodel Kendall Jenner and actress Letitia Wright, as well as Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z, with twins Rumi and Sir, attended the show. She started the show by singing “At Last” and then performed one of her most powerful songs, “Halo.”

The First Look

For her first look, Beyoncé wore a beautiful piece by an Omani designer, Mousa Al Awfi. The lemon-yellow floor-length gown had delicate, shiny acrylic shards on the skirt. The gown also had a feather-studded train that spread out across the star’s shoulders like wings. Al Awfi worked closely with Beyoncé’s stylist, KJ Moody, to come up with this look. It took the designer approximately a month and a half to complete this piece for the pop queen. While Beyoncé was rocking the stage in a lemon-yellow gown, she was accompanied by her 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who was dressed in a sequined jumpsuit of flame-red color that was designed by Ivy’s grandmother, Knowles Lawson, and Timothy White.

The Second Look

Each outfit Beyoncé wore that night was well planned and focused on bringing the regional talent into the spotlight. For her second look, Beyoncé decided to go bold. She chose Nicolas Jebran’s corseted red bodysuit that had a matching train and gloves along with it. The outfit was completed with a sunburst-style crown, a pendant, and diamond earrings. For this look, Jebran’s main inspiration was the local women and their eternal love for monochromatic colors and gold jewelry. Jebran has worked with Beyonce before this concert as well, styling her for the 2014 MTV Music Awards and the 2018 Grammys.

The Third and Final Look

For the final look of the night, Beyoncé wore a powder pink minidress and embroidered leggings with crystals and fine gold by Ivan Frolov, a Ukrainian designer. Frolov started his brand in 2015 in Ukraine and has continued to work there ever since. Frolov said that Beyoncé’s outfit was created with love at his workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine. Beyoncé gave a powerhouse performance of “Crazy in Love” and “Drunk in Love” in the pink mini dress. She started and ended her show with rounds of fireworks and vanished into the smoke with her pink overcoat on.