40+ Celebrity Fashion Fails From the Red Carpet That We Can’t Forget

Check Out These Red Carpet Fails

The red carpet is more than just a place for stars to pose for pictures. It’s also a great place for designers to show off their creations. Still, no one is perfect, and even some of the most iconic names in the industry have had to account for unexpected fashion challenges during the big event.

Winnie Forsyth

The challenge of an outdoor red carpet is that you can plan just about everything but the weather. The most you can really do is try to work with it as best as possible.

Shutterstock // Featureflash Photo Agency

At the British Academy Film Awards in 2013, Winnie Forsyth sported this yellow gown and got some really stunning photos. What we don’t see as much of is the train for the gown. That’s because the wind kept picking it up so the star simply removed it for an easier but equally elegant evening.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is no stranger to red-carpet shows. Still, even a professional can take the wrong step here and there. Hayden Panettiere was attending the 2014 Met Gala in a ballgown fit for a Disney movie.

Facebook // Vaovao Malaza Eran-tany Ofisialy

The length was a bit of a struggle, though. While she mostly managed it flawlessly, the stairs on the red carpet got the better of her. Luckily, the actress took it in stride and managed to get a few great photos on those same stairs.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy looked stunning at the 1997 Oscars but said something seemed off. She told US Weekly that there was a reason her dress felt too tight.

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She shared in the interview that she “walked down the red carpet, went to the Vanity Fair party, felt like a million dollars but I did wonder why it was so tight in the chest all night.” Her questions were answered when she ran into Valentino himself who informed her that she was wearing the dress backward.

Ashley Graham

Anyone who has ever put on a pair of stilettos can tell you that they aren’t easy to walk in. Still, some people manage to make it look effortless!

(Left) Shutterstock // Debby Wong | (Right) Reddit // r/popculturechat

With that difficulty in mind, it’s no surprise that stars stumble sometimes. As a supermodel, Graham is no stranger to making difficult outfits look effortless. Yet, everyone still had a moment of concern when the star got a stiletto caught on her outfit. The good news is that she was fine and even recovered right away!