Janet Jackson Hangs Out Backstage With Tom Cruise During Tour Stop

Janet Jackson and Tom Cruise

Janet Jackson has been meeting and singing to her fans across the world on her Together Again tour. It is a celebration of her illustrious career, decades of hit songs, and mind-blowing music videos. From “Rhythm Nation” to “All for You,” Jackson has been performing her all-time hits for her amazing fan base. On her tour, she got to meet many of her friends and one of them was Tom Cruise, or as Jackson calls him ‘T.’ This backstage encounter of two of the biggest stars has caught the entire world abuzz.

The Instagram Post With Tom Cruise

During her stop in North Carolina, Jackson got a chance to catch up with her old friend. She made sure that she captured the moment in a beautiful photograph which she later posted on her Instagram account. The two friends are seen together dressed casually. Cruise is seen in blue denim and a black jacket while Jackson is seen in a grey overall with a scarf laying around her neck. In the picture, the Rain Man star has put his hand on Jackson’s shoulder which shows the bond between the two celebs. On her social media account, Jackson posted the picture with a nice caption, that reads, “T, it was so good seeing you and nice spending some time together 😊#TogetherAgainTour.

Other Meet-Ups During the Tour

Other Meet-Ups During the Tour

Apart from Tom Cruise, Jackson also got a chance to meet many of her other friends. The list includes Katie Holmes, Questlove, Angela Bassett, Ciara, and more. After meeting everyone, Jackson posted a story on her social media. The story read, “Sooo good seeing all of you.” Jackson wrote to the attendees after a Madison Square Garden show last week, “Thank you for coming to the show… I really hope you enjoyed it. I can’t wait to spend some quality time soon! ♥️ #TogetherAgainTour “