Can You Wear Jeans to a Wedding?

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Jeans are a fashion staple thanks to their versatility. Be it for a school event, a casual hangout, a proposal, or an engagement ceremony, there is a pair of jeans that fits the bill. Some have even started wearing their nice jeans to wedding ceremonies, which has, not surprisingly, been a bit controversial. With the advent of new types of dress codes, it is safe to say that the lines between proper attire and too casual are being blurred. An etiquette expert weighs in to provide some insight.

What Etiquette Experts Think

While dress codes have become rather flexible nowadays, experts still hold that wearing a pair of jeans to a wedding ceremony, no matter how formal it is, is simply inappropriate. People may argue that as guests at a wedding, what matters is being there for your loved ones, not what you’re wearing.

However, etiquette expert opinion states that any outfit with jeans or denim is hardly appropriate and even potentially disrespectful. An etiquette advisor and event planner, Lisa Lyons, explains that jeans are seen as informal and casual, making them inappropriate to be worn at weddings.

Choosing an Appropriate Outfit

Lyons says that in most cases, the dress code is clearly stated in the invitations one receives for a wedding. Even if there is no mention of a dress code, weddings should be considered a formal event. The correct outfit choice can also be figured out depending on the context of the event, like the venue and the kind of invitation. If the wedding is being held at a sophisticated place like the Ritz Carlton, it automatically suggests formal attire.

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On the other hand, if the wedding is being held in a more informal setting like a backyard or a barn, the attire is likely flexible enough to include some informal elements. When nothing else works, it is generally considered best to simply ask a friend or a family member for help and steer clear of any denims. Some examples of appropriate wedding guest attire no matter the setting include cocktail dresses, breezy outfits like linen shirts and nice trousers, strappy dresses, or a suit with or without a tie.