The Year in Fashion: The Moments That Made Fashion in 2023

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Fashion has been evolving for centuries and each year brings a new tide of fashion trends unleashed upon the streets. Here are six defining moments that have shaped and sculpted the style narrative of 2023.

Couture and the Super Bowl

In January, Haider Ackermann’s guest appearance at Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture show went beyond showcasing elegant gowns. It sparked rumors of an unlikely connection between Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner. The runway not only displayed Ackermann’s artistic brilliance but also set the stage for captivating interpersonal intersections.

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Rihanna’s return to the Super Bowl halftime show in custom Loewe and Alaïa wasn’t just a musical comeback; it was a moment of personal revelation as she gestured towards her pregnancy bump. Her choice of attire, a Loewe boiler suit and Alaïa leather coat was also pretty bang on.

Fresh Minds and a Fresh Met Gala

The fashion landscape welcomed fresh creative minds in 2023, with Sabato De Sarno at Gucci, Peter Hawkings at Tom Ford, and Peter Do at Helmut Lang. Pharrell Williams, taking the reins at Louis Vuitton men’s with a grand Pont Neuf show, stood out with whimsical designs and a performance alongside Jay-Z. The fusion of fashion and music took center stage, injecting vitality into the industry.

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The Met Gala continued its tradition of unveiling fashion treasures, with Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, and Penelope Cruz donning pieces from Karl Lagerfeld’s early Chanel collections. While the dress code for the 2024 Gala remains unknown, the title, Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, hints at another round of vintage hits on the Met steps, celebrating the enduring charm of archival fashion.

The Jane Birkin Effect and Supermodels Galore

The passing of Jane Birkin in 2023 had a profound impact on fashion, giving rise to the Jane Birkin effect. The iconic Hermès Birkin bag, synonymous with pop culture, inspired designers to create handbags reflecting Birkin’s overstuffed yet stylish aesthetic. This microtrend, popularized on TikTok, paid homage to Birkin’s influence on how we carry our bags.

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Linda, Naomi, Christy, and Cindy, the original supermodels, dominated 2023 with their presence in The Super Models  TV series, Linda Evangelista’s book, and a pair of Vogue September covers. The enduring influence of these fashion icons extended to Claudia Schiffer’s return to the Versace runway, highlighting the timeless appeal and lasting impact of the original supermodels on the fashion industry.