Pinterest Predicts Airy Styles Will Be Huge in 2023

The fashion industry has always been volatile; the trends keep coming and going. With the new year starting soon, Pinterest recently predicted the upcoming trends in the fashion world. According to a report, the airy style is expected to be the go-to fashion style in the new year. After sweatpants were the talk of the town for almost two years, we guess it is time for body-baring silhouettes to get attention.


The first style that made it to Pinterest’s “fashion trends” prediction list is lace. Lace has always been associated with lingerie or fancy clothing. But we forget that lace apparel can essentially touch any part of an outfit in breezy form, be it the sleeves, the neckline, or the hem. As per Pinterest’s recent report, the most searched item within the group is a long-sleeve lace shirt, and there are many variations to pick from at stores like Reformation and the Free People empire of boho chic.


Ruffles have always been one of the most classic fashion trends, and they have yet again made it to the trends list for the upcoming year. This style has known no bounds and is suitable for all. Up until now, ruffles were not seen apart from the dresses, but it seems this is going to change. Ruffles are not only sophisticated but also add the perfect amount of volume to one’s look. Now, one can find ruffles on anything, from nightgown-inspired dresses to comfortable knit sweaters, miniskirts, and everyday tops.


Tulle may have taken its inspiration from ballet days and may be seen in fancy dresses till now. But the times have surely changed. Tulla can now be seen as a part of street style and runways too. And Tulle has now made it to Pinterest’s 2023 Airy Style list. In the new year, one can not only try tulle skirts and tulle tops, but tulle dresses will definitely be a great addition to one’s wardrobe. Now you can take tulle to the next level to express breezy flair. Shop for maxi skirts, contouring corsets, and poofy shirts.


For those who love glam and sparkly vibes, good news! Shimmer has made it to Pinterest’s 2023 trends list. And with New Year’s Eve around the corner, it is time to bring home some sparkles. And it seems the fashion market is all set to bring this style, as retailers are already receiving sparkling, glittering dresses in a range of designs, including flouncy slip dresses, figure-hugging maxis, and even formal gowns.