Updos for Thin Hair? Try These 6 Volume-Enhancing Styles for Your Next Outing

It can be really troubling to style thin hair. Thin hair can be caused by rough water, aging, and, in some cases, genes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try a beautiful hairstyle for a special occasion. Here are a few things you can give a try:

Messy Top Knot Bun

It is important to create volume when you have thin hair, and one of the hairstyles that might help you do that is a messy top knot bun. All you have to do is comb all your hair backward nicely and gently and make a knot on top of your head. To secure this knot properly, you can use a scrunchie or any other soft hair tie. Don’t forget to use some hair products to set your hair.

Dress Up Your Updo

Another way to style your thin hair is to accessorize your hairstyle. It will not only add to your look but will also work as a distraction. You can go for some fancy or cute statement hair clips instead of your regular boring bobby pins. An oversized or beaded hairband can do the job too. And as a plus, you can keep your baby hairs in place.

French Braid

Next on the list is a hairstyle you can never go wrong with, a French braid. It is one of the perfect styles for people with thin hair. For starters, comb all of your hair back so that there is no longer a part. Divide your hair into three portions, beginning at your hairline, and alternately draw the outer pieces into the center. It is an ideal style to try for people who have medium-length hair.

Loose Chignon

A party is coming up, and you are confused about what to do with your hair. Well, try styling your hair in a loose chignon. It is simple and elegant, and it has always worked. The first step is to pull your hair into a low, loose ponytail. Next, you have to twist your ponytail into a knot, and in order to secure it, add bobby pins. You can also add some accessories or flowers around it according to the occasion.