The Adult-Friendly Advent Calendar: Even Better Than Chocolate

For so many of us growing up, the holiday spirit really kicked into gear when the season began with an advent calendar. But the classical advent calendar featuring a month’s worth of chocolate pieces leading up to the most wonderful day of the year: Christmas.


But why should these special holiday treats only be for kids? Well, we think they shouldn’t be!

For one thing, scientific research (at least the kind we listen to) has shown that a little bit of dark chocolate every day is actually good for you. But if that’s not enough to tempt you or the other adults you know and love towards chocolate, this is for you…

A list of alternative calendars with things adults need and love.

You’re welcome.


Candle Advent Calendar

It can be so hard picking out just one scent when candle shopping for yourself OR for a friend – and this way, you don’t have to. Smell the rainbow!

Beauty Care Advent Calendar

Isn’t it everyone’s dream that they can try out different types of skincare to see which one is best for your skin, without having to waste anything that doesn’t work (or, more importantly, pay the full price for each one)? The perfect solution: a calendar full of samples.


Tea Collection Advent Calendar

There’s no need to “find the right tea” when every tea is the right tea for a different occasion. And with so many to try, whoever gets this calendar is going to have the heartiest holiday season ever.

Popcorn Advent Calendar

Most people don’t even know this many types of popcorn exist…and we have to admit, neither did we!

James & Jellies

Jellies & Jams Advent Calendar

Sugar, spice, and everything nice – that’s what the world of jellies and jams have to offer. Take yourself or a friend through the wonderful flavors of fruit preserves this hot biscuit and scone season.

Jewelry Advent Calendar

Now we’re talking. An earring, necklace, bracelet and more for every occasion – and there is always an occasion! This doesn’t have to break the bank to be beautiful – but it is truly a gift that will keep on giving, and hopefully even last a lifetime.

That’s what we call the happiest holiday.