There’s Now a Dior Spa in Paris, and It’s Just as Glamorous as You’d Expect

Instagram // @alfaoneconcierge

You may think you’re chic because you’ve been to Paris. You may think you’re glamorous because you own some Dior products. But wait until you go to the Dior spa in Paris. That’s how you know you’ve really leveled up in life!

The Collaboration

According to Dior’s website, this collaboration is a match made in heaven. The company wrote, “Cheval Blanc Paris and the House of Dior is a marriage of passions and inspirations. Passion for the most intimate experience, the most inspiring beauty, the most sincere caring. Where expertise enhances expertise. Where dream always inspires reality.”

The Treatments

The spa offers Diror’s treatments in six suites, each one with its own unique design. Among treatments such as massages and facials are Happiness Shots, which are described as “30- or 45-minute bursts of pleasure and performance.”

Instagram // @alfaoneconcierge

The website remains vague as to how this is achieved, but we have our guesses. If you ask us, it’s certainly worth a trip to Paris to find out for sure.