Fendi’s First-Ever High-Jewelry Line Created by Delfina Delettrez Fendi

Fendi is currently flying high after Delfina Delettrez, designer and jeweler, created a high-end jewelry line for Fendi’s fall-winter 2022 haute couture show. The goal for this year’s collection was to be meaningful and evocative, and Fendi’s team did its best to achieve that through their work. These jewelry designs will be a formal pass for Fendi to enter the Haute jewelry market.

The Idea Behind the Collection

Delfina wanted to create something that’d not only set well with high-end dresses but also with something as casual as jeans and a t-shirt. Delfina had spent months working on this year’s jewelry line, and it had to be nothing but perfect. For the collection, she created a symmetrical necklace with more than 1,000 diamonds, a stunning pair of earrings, and an extravagant cocktail ring. She sourced the diamonds from some of the certified vendors, such as Zimmi, Sierra Leone. Delfina ensured each design had Fendi’s logo on it. This line is expected to mark the beginning of a new chapter for Delfina and Fendi.

Fall-Winter 2022

When it comes to the styling and presenting part of the collection, the designer decided to open the show with Jazyper Michael, who’d be wearing a vicuña wool blazer, matching wide-leg trousers, and the beautiful necklace from the collection. For the runway, Delfina and her team decided to only display the necklace and to keep other accessories for private appointments with VIP clients and editors. The main focus was to draw attention to the diamond necklace. Post any show, the backstage is always chaotic, with editors and photographers running around congratulating each other and conversing about the success of the show, the designs, and their impact on them. Apart from that, it’s been a ritual at Fendi’s to watch the recorded video of the show with the whole team the next day, and Delfina, being a part of Fendi, continued this tradition.

The Jeweler’s Journey

Delfina Delettrez has loved fashion, especially jewelry, since a very young age. The kind of designs that were created back then didn’t match her or her generation’s aesthetic, which motivated her to start her own line and give birth to Delfina Delettrez’s fashion and fine jewelry brand. She wanted to create statement pieces and give a modern outlook to traditional designs. Experimenting has been one of the most important pillars of Fendi as well as Delfina’s life. Even before she was appointed as the artistic director of Fendi, she’d created some of the pieces with fur, crystals, and feathers, she’d also designed fine watches for Fendi in 2016.