Add Luxurious Jewelry Pieces to Your Wardrobe Under Just $300

Jewelry has always been a way to add the extra oomph factor to an outfit. Jewelry is considered more of a luxury than an everyday necessity because it’s mostly expensive. We all know that we can’t afford to buy that beautiful diamond ring or trendy watch. But if you have a budget of under $300 and are looking for unique, high-quality, and affordable jewelry brands, then we’ve got something for you.


On a budget but still want to look gorgeous? Mejuri is here for you! For those of you who don’t know about this brand by now, it’s quite well-known among jewelry lovers and fashionistas. Over 300,000 women have bought their products from their website worldwide. Something that you would find within your budget at Mejuri is Mejuri gemstone chain drop earrings for $198 and a candy dôme oval ring for $128.


Dorsey is a jewelry brand that wants to bring affordable luxury to the masses. This New York-based company not only makes pieces that are appealing to the eye, but they also have a pretty good size range, and they’re not overpriced. Dorsey’s most popular pieces under $300 include bracelets and necklaces, with many of their designs having simple and clean looks. Its most adored pieces are the Dorsey james bezel lab-grown white sapphire gold riviere bracelet and Dorsey Hendry micro lab-grown white sapphire stud.

Kenneth Jay Lane

Fashionable and cool jewelry brands are more than just designer labels and expensive pieces. Sometimes, you can find amazing pieces of jewelry under $300. One such brand is Kenneth Jay Lane. The men’s jewelry collection by Kenneth Jay Lane includes some of the most stylish and unique designs in the industry. While their designs can only be described as luxurious, they’re also suitable for everyday wear. If you are planning to grab something within 300 bucks, you can get yourself a Kenneth Jay Lane ruby cocktail ring at $120 or Kenneth Jay Lane double coin earring at just $70.

Jennifer Fisher

If you’re looking for an affordable fashion jewelry brand that creates stunning and low-maintenance pieces, Jennifer Fisher is a great option. At under $300, the brand’s designs are high-quality and polished with lovely attention to detail. In fact, her styles are so popular with millennials and fashion-forward women that she’s even been adapted by celebrities such as Channing Tatum and Kylie Jenner — who both give their spin on this jewelry line. Two of her most affordable and classic jewelry pieces include Jennifer Fisher Samira 10K gold-plated mini hoop earrings and Jennifer Fisher classic cylinder 3-piece 10K gold-plated bangle set.