Luxury Brands Are Selling Products Inspired by Toys From the ’90s

Instagram // @galyosef

Nostalgia tends to work in marketing, as people will often buy items they don’t necessarily need now because they remind them of happy childhood memories. Well, luxury brands are starting to tap into that market and have begun to create high-fashion items inspired by toys from the ‘90s.


Pokémon has teamed up with none other than Gucci to create a limited-edition clothing collection that includes clothing and accessories such as shoes and bags. Each one of the wearable items features a Pokémon graphic. Moschino released a similar collection, as did Longchamp.


Tamagotchi also joined the fashion world with Chanel and Louis Vuitton releasing their own versions of the toy. Some of these luxury Tamagotchis are gold-plated, some have precious stones and metals on them – including diamonds – and many feature intricate designs. Chanel made a very limited number of their Tamagotchis, making it a clear statement of luxury. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton incorporated their iconic logo into the toy.

Instagram // @tamagotchi_us

Time will tell what other beloved toys from our childhood will show up as luxury fashion items. Clearly, if these high-end Pokémon and Tamagotchi products do well, there will be more ‘90s-themed fashion to follow. If you want our opinion – hold out for a slap bracelet or a slinky!