How to Achieve the Quiet Luxury Look on a Budget

Quiet Luxury

People have the tendency to believe that a person’s clothing says a lot about them. This is why everyone tries to get their hands on luxurious pieces of clothing that make them look classy. But, let’s be honest here, not everyone can spend a hefty load of money on their look. However, with a little creativity and some strategic shopping, you too can master the art of the burgeoning quiet luxury style – without breaking the bank. Here, we’ll explore the key elements of this look and how it can be achieved within a reasonable budget.

Quiet Luxury – Look Like a Billionaire

Although the understated money look might not be preferred by people who are newly rich, it is definitely a choice of the ones with old money. They don’t like to bring everybody’s attention to their wealth and thus style themselves in the simplest and most classy outfits. These people always command a room with their presence, and a large part of that is their clothes.

Achieve the Quiet Luxury Look With Simple Tips

Achieve the Quiet Luxury Look With Simple Tips

The first rule of adopting the quiet luxury look is to buy less but to buy better. That’s right! It is not important for you to have 20 pairs of jeans, 30 sundresses, and drawers stuffed with T-shirts. What is necessary to understand here is the quality of the cloth that you own. Another thing to keep in mind is that you ought to be comfortable in your clothes. Your clothes and accessories should never make you feel stuffed, itchy, or uncomfortable. Try buying soft, cozy material in earthy tones with minimal or no details. You can get these at affordable prices at COS for shirts and tops, Flats and Chelsea Boots for your footwear, and some small studs or something like that would work great to finish off the look. Within a few hundred bucks (or maybe even less), your look can give you the confidence to own the world!