40+ Fashion Hacks We Learned From the Royal Family

The Royal Family Have Plenty of Fashion Hacks to Learn From

The British royal family is a fairly fashionable bunch. Over the years, they’ve come up with plenty of savvy ways to stay looking fabulous on all occasions. Some royals stick strictly to royal etiquette, while others find creative ways to dodge the rules. In this list, we take a look at the fashion hacks, royal regulations, and beauty tips that keep these ladies looking lovely. Whether it’s Kate’s blow-dry, Diana’s headwear, or Queen Elizabeth’s color blocking – we’ve got it covered!

Say Yes to Shapewear

Interestingly, members of the royal family aren’t allowed to show their undergarments. And yes, that means bra straps too. To keep undies undercover, the royals have a few fashion hacks. Some royal outfits have bras sewn into the garment itself. On other occasions, royal ladies wear nude strapless shapewear.

X // @SabirahLohn

In this picture, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, attends the Royal Ascot races. There’s no sign of a bra strap from underneath her pale blue lace Elie Saab dress.

Stand Out in Striking Colors

Queen Elizabeth II is well known for her bright outfits. The longest-reigning British monarch has had plenty of practice honing her personal style. The Queen is not one to shy away from a strong color. In fact, she often wears them head to toe.

(Left) TikTok // @queen.281022 | (Right) Pinterest // @popsugar

There’s a practical reason for Queen Elizabeth’s bright ensembles. The monarch wears these colorful shades so she can be seen by the public when she’s out and about. So, if you want to look like a queen, pick a color and really commit!

Hit Up the Highlighter

It’s time for a beauty tip, this time courtesy of Meghan Markle. We know, Meghan is no longer a senior member of the royal family. But, let’s be honest – the Duchess of Sussex has style! In order to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Meghan applies highlighter to her under eyes.

Pinterest // @fashionistacom

Meghan Markle swears by cult product Touche Éclat by French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent. The former actress opens her eyes up by dabbing some of the highlighter on her inner eyes.

Use Clutches to Hide Cleavage

As far as we’re concerned, the late Princess Diana is the most stylish member of the royal family in recent history. The fashion rule breaker set many trends that are still being copied by celebrities today. Seriously, the People’s Princess could really rock a bike short.

Instagram // @diana.princess.of.our.heart

Anyway, Princess Diana was known for expertly hiding her cleavage using clutch bags. The royal was hounded by paparazzi and didn’t want them getting a revealing shot. She often held her purse to her chest, especially when getting out of cars.