Lily-Rose Depp Sets a New Trend – Low-Heeled Granny Wedges

How Lily-Rose Depp Is Redefining Footwear Fashion

When it comes to fashion, Lily-Rose Depp has always been an influencer, making bold choices that capture attention and set trends. This weekend, she did it again, stepping out in a pair of cork wedges that might not seem groundbreaking at first glance, but a closer look reveals the unique style she’s championing. Unlike the towering and glamorous wedges often associated with high-profile figures, Lily-Rose opted for a different vibe on the streets of LA. Her low-heeled versions conjured up images of Scholl sandals and old-fashioned candies rather than the opulent settings of Saint Tropez.

Reviving Nostalgic Y2K Glamor

The allure of Y2K-inspired wedges lies in their embodiment of a forever-tanned, jet-set glamor. They stand in stark contrast to the mundane commuter sneakers, seemingly crafted for leisurely strolls along the French Riviera. However, Depp’s choice of a sensible low-mule version adds a layer of intrigue to the mix. These wedges not only exude style but also suggest the possibility of providing arch support and cushioning akin to well-known comfort brands like FitFlop or Dr. Comfort.

Taking Casual Chic to a Whole New Level

Taking Casual Chic to a Whole New Level

For Lily-Rose Depp, each outfit she dons is an opportunity to surpass the Y2K aesthetic of the previous one. Just last week, she sported a slip skirt from Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring/summer 1998 collection, sourced from Pechuga Vintage. It’s safe to say that her fashion choices continue to evolve and surprise, including her choice of these sturdy wedges. Paired with a pale blue crop top and white pajama shorts, the ensemble radiated a relaxed vibe. This look is as effortlessly low-maintenance as the woven basket bag dangling from her elbow, projecting a sense of calm elegance. Lily-Rose Depp’s embrace of the granny wedge for the under-30 crowd showcases her knack for reinventing classics and defying expectations.