Would You Wear Louis Vuitton’s Optical Illusion Boots?

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Fashion is all about experimenting, but sometimes it still raises some eyebrows. Lately, luxury fashion houses have been giving the world more and more bizarre moments, from Balenciaga’s towel skirt to Gucci’s distressed stockings. Now Louis Vuitton has become the latest to join the growing list of out-of-the-box fashion houses with its latest offering: a fake leg boot!

The Optical Illusion Boots

At the autumn/winter 2023 show in Paris, Louis Vuitton introduced these unique boots that create an illusion of wearing white ribbed socks and black pumps. Called the Illusion High Boots, they give the appearance of a leg wearing these shoes, hand-painted onto the boot’s upper part. The boots even come with two skin tones and in a calf-length style, too. The distinctive silhouette costs around $2,470. It’s a playful and daring design, and while it might not be on brand for Louis Vuitton’s usually classy looks, it is in line with the fashion house’s focus on pushing boundaries in leatherwork.

Instagram // @harpersbazaarmy

The boots are part of a dominating trend in fashion, “trompe l’oeil.” A French term meaning “a trick of the eye,” this trend has been seen on the runways as designers push the boundaries with 3D-like designs. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Tessa Thompson, and Bella Thorne have rocked similar styles, embracing this optical illusion trend on the red carpet. The boots have come at a time when the rules of fashion are changing, and people are more accepting of the change.

Public Reaction to the Boots

While some folks remain uncertain about these boots, others are diving headfirst into this new trend. One fashion influencer joked about them resembling “doll legs” and dubbed them “Polly Pocket shoes.” However, she also stated that even though she found them weird when she first saw them on the runway, she knew she had to get them immediately.

Whether you’re a fan of these Louis Vuitton boots or not, no one can deny that big fashion names continue to push boundaries and bring us fresh ideas when it comes to spicing up our wardrobes.