Rowing Blazers and Sperry’s New Collaboration for Summer Is Here

A Collaboration

With the summer season hovering over your head and sweat dripping all over, there is at least one thing you can all rely on that won’t disappoint – the Rowing Blazers and Sperry’s new summer collection. This new collaboration between the well-known footwear brand Sperry and the clothing giant Rowing Blazer is everything you could ever ask for.

The New Collection

The New Collection

For this season’s collaboration, the brands have decided to take some inspiration from the past. Both brands have worked together on both Cloud CVO deck sneakers and Seamate canvas boat shoes. And while talking about the collection, Sperry said that their new collection is inspired by the ’80s and ’90s and is nothing but a huge celebration of colors, patterns, and textures. Their Cloud CVO deck sneaker includes three different looks. One of the looks is inspired by the 1980s cover of Lisa Birnbach’s “The Official Preppy Handbook,” and then there is another one that has the names of different cities embroidered on it. For the third one, they decided to keep it simple and went for the all-time famous ’90s color block. And their Seamate canvas shoes have an upper made of Blackwatch tartan madras. All of these range from $90 to $130 and are easily available on and

The Brand

If you are curious about what the boat shoe brand has been up to other than their new collection with Blazers, well, they have been busy curating other amazing collections for you. They have been actively collaborating with other brands to make sure their fans do not have to wait long to get their hands on the brand’s other designs. They recently collaborated with Brooks Brothers on a limited-edition shoe line; this collection was made public in March. For this one, the brand came up with a total of 17 pieces, all inspired by Michael Bastian’s spring 2013 Brooks Brothers collection.