Fashion Apps That Make Style Fun Again

Want to combine your love of clothes with your love of technology? If so, you’re going to download some fashion apps! There are plenty of different apps that will make fashion fun again, and these are some of our favorites.


Let’s kick off with a fashion app that will ensure you never miss out on stylish and affordable clothes. Depop has risen in popularity over the years, with people who want to stop buying new or who want to freshen up their closet on a budget. This fashion-forward app makes it easy to buy and sell clothes, meaning you can make space before investing in some new bits! You’ll also find up and coming designers on there too.


Want to know what you’ve got in your closet or plan out a capsule wardrobe? Pureple makes this easy, with a clever way to catalog all of the items in your closet. Remember the scene from Clueless, where Cher uses her outfit builder to pick what to wear each day? Well, this fashion app is just like that! If you like planning your outfits and discovering new ways to wear things, this is the app for you.


Founded by former Porter editor, Drest is a game for those who love fashion. It’s like a grown-up version of the Dollz games we all used to play as kids. Dress up your photo-realistic avatar in all of the latest trends and imagine you’re strutting the catwalk. You can also buy the clothes directly from the app using Farfetch, meaning you can look just like your avatar in real life! Brands like Stella McCartney, Gucci, and Burberry have also recently got involved.

These fashion apps will help you refresh your closet, organize your outfits, and look stylish while still having fun. We’ve already downloaded them all!

Anklets Are Back. Here’s How to Style Them

Think anklets and thoughts run back to the childhood summer days where little kids created anklets as an art project. Remember those jewelry-making boxes that came with colorful beads in multiple shapes like stars and small sunflowers? You would see every little 90s kid rocking the anklet design during the summer months. The anklets came back in trend last year thanks to the influencers who brought back the quirky style. Brands like éliou and Brinker & Eliza offered some really quirky and unique designs.

However, this year as summer progresses, it’s getting clearer that 2021’s anklet choice is but refined and minimalistic.

Minimalist Designs That Redefines the Luxury

According to designer Zoe Chicco anklets, today have minimalist designs that pass off as a luxury. People today like to keep the look simple with a single diamond hanging or small dangling charms. The idea is to focus on a sun-kissed area highlighting the fun.

Funky but Classy

However, not everyone is riding the minimalist bandwagon – some even prefer their anklets to be funkier. Michela Panero founder: Rosantica comes to the rescue for people looking for funky jewels. He suggests designs with fringes as they sway along with you. Experts believe that the focus should be on little crystals, little charms, and bold chains.

Styling the Anklets the Right Way

When it comes to styling the anklets, layering is winning the competition. Just like the necklaces, experts suggest layering the anklets – claiming the more, the better. Chicco says that she likes to pair 2-3 anklets and layer them with “barely-there scandals.”

The trick while selecting the anklet to layer is to keep it balanced. You can go for two-three minimalist pieces or if you are wearing a chunky one, then pair it along with a dainty one. When it comes to fall fashion – you can layer the anklets over the socks or tights.